An established tattoo shop – 10+ years

A decade ago we set out to create a different kind of tattoo business. We wanted to make our tattoo business highly professional, yet super friendly. Maybe even create a place to bring the kids! And we wanted to staff the new tattoo business with exceptional tattoo artists who happened to be friendly and a lot of fun. Righteous Ink was born.

  • Clean, comfortable shop
  • One-time-use equipment
  • Free consulting up front – no surprises
  • Affordable – we charge people how we want to be charged
  • Always adding new jewelry, artwork, T-shirt designs, more

Professional and comfortable tattoo artists

We take great care in selecting the artists who will work with you. One has 26 years of experience. Another has 25 years. They’re “elite good” at what they do. Yet, they’re also approachable tattoo artists who crack jokes and have a good time. Oher things you should know about the Righteous Ink artists:

  • “Elite good” artists have been working together for 10 years
  • Treating people the way they want to be treated
  • Tattoos, plus piercings from head to toe
  • Approaching every tattoo job like it’s the most-important one
  • One customer noticed our, “…regular-acting people who don't act like they're rock stars”

Ready to get inked?

If so, we’re ready for you to stop in and meet the team. Or call 530-751-1664. Or hit up Righteous Ink on Facebook. Remember: Getting a tattoo is usually a lifetime decision. And you certainly want to pick the right tattoo studio for your new tattoo or body piercing.

We're always amazed at our customers. People travel far to come here. No matter where you are, we hope you’ll make the decision to come to Righteous Art here in Yuba City, CA.